World of Warcraft Great Dragonflights Stein

Wow Great Dragonflights Stein

** The picture displays each side of the 1 stein. Based on the best-selling video game! Blizzard Entertainment's World Of WarCraft is the most popular Massive Mutliplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) being played today, and the artisans of Ceramarte have captured the fantasy world of Azeroth in a series of decorative steins. Handcrafted in an Old World-style from fine-grain stoneware, the limited edition Charge of the Great Dragonflights Epic Collection Stein depicts a panoramic image of all five incredible Dragon Aspects, illustrated by game illustrator James Zhang, and rendered in bas-relief sculpted. Standing over 10" tall, the stein weighs 3 pounds and is topped by a sculpted pewter lid.

Wow Great Dragonflights Stein. Secure your limited edition item by ordering today.
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