Prowl Transformers bust by Hard Hero

Prowl Transformers bust

The Hard Hero Prowl Bust stands 6” tall and has a 6 ¾” wingspan. This version of Prowl somewhat resembles that of his animated counterpart. He has an overall familiar Autobot design, headlights aligned in the front, wheels turned behind the shoulder plates and doors folded outwards in the semblance of wings. Prowl is positioned with his acid pellet gun in hand. Unfortunately Prowl was among the first wave of Autobot casualties in Transformers: The Movie. Joined by Brawn, Ratchet and Ironhide, Prowl was aboard a shuttle destined for Earth as part of an energon-foraging mission. Having learned of the secret mission, Megatron led a massive attack against the shuttle, tearing through the hull, invading the bridge and assaulting the few Autobots at the helm with a superior force. Prowl was destroyed after suffering a direct blast from Scavenger.
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