Wheeljack Transformers Bust by Hard Hero

Wheeljack Transformers bust

Wheeljack stands 6” tall. This is the animated version of Wheeljack, completely reasonable and benign in appearance. His wings are sharply angled, his shoulder mounted with a single missile launcher. Beneath his large blue eyes, his face is sheathed in horizontal bands, his head flanked by the familiar speech-sensitive plates. An overall scientist and general tinkerer, one of Wheeljack’s most noteworthy contributions involved his part in the construction of the Dinobots. Later, in Transformers: The Movie, Wheeljack was sadly shown in a state of massive disrepair alongside Windcharger. Arcee, who had dragged both of them inside the fortifications, paused to give them a mournful glance before returning to her duties. Presumably this marked the end of poor Wheeljack.
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