Trade Federation AAT | Star Wars Titanium Series
Trade Federation AAT | Star Wars Titanium Series A devastating fusion of repulsorlift technology and heavy weaponry, the Trade Federation Armored Assault Tank is an inexpensive and highly effective anti-infantry and anti-armor platform. Though it is relatively slow for a repulsorlift vehicle, it more than makes up for in firepower what it lacks in speed, with phenomenal range in its offensive weapons and a full complement of defensive laser and blaster cannons. Though untested until recently against significant resistance from enemy armor, it has proven highly effective in massed attacks, even against superior forces. Take to battle with this highly detailed and totally cool collectible! Made of die-cast metal, the Trade Federation AAT vehicle replica is ideal for play or display. With its opening cockpit and display stand, itÂ’s ready to take its rightful place in your Star Wars collection! Secure your Trade Federation AAT | Star Wars Titanium Series by ordering today.
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