Catwoman Tonner Doll Dc Stars PX figure

Tonner Dc Stars - Catwoman Px Doll

Tonner Dc Stars - Catwoman Px Doll. Meow! Batman's most cunning and alluring foe, Catwoman, is Tonner's latest exclusive for PREVIEWS. Selina Kyle lives her life as a jewel thief as the sultry Catwoman, and she comes wrapped in a fitted black bodysuit paired with a shimmering faux leather lace-up corset. She protects her secret identity with a faux leather and knit 'cat mask' and accessorizes with a studded faux leather collar and belt, zip-up boots, and signature whip. Catwoman stands 17 inches tall.

Tonner Dc Stars - Catwoman Px Doll. Secure your limited edition item by ordering today.
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