Tekken Tag Tournament Yoshimitsu Fine Art Statue

Tekken Yoshimitsu Fine Art Statue

Tekken Yoshimitsu Fine Art Statue is an Urban Collector pre-order. A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! With its thrilling martial arts action, the wildly popular and award-winning Tekken series of video games from Namco has been a huge hit with players since the original arcade version in 1994. In the games, fighters compete in the King of Iron Fist tournament for control of the Mishima Zaibatsu corporation, using each character's unique talents and skills against their opponents. Following on the release of the first Bishoujo statue of Christie Monteiro, Kotobukiya is proud to present the first Tekken Fine Art Statue: YOSHIMITSU! One of the few characters to appear in every single Tekken game, the masked ninja is a fearsome fighter. An honorable warrior and leader of the Manji Clan, Yoshimitsu stands victorious on the severed head of a gigantic mechanoid! Wearing his unique and distinctive armor, the Tekken fighter holds his two swords in triumph, waiting for his next opponent. Yoshimitsu's demonic armor is amazingly detailed with multiple textures including metals and sculpted 'fabric,' layered plating, intricate piping and designs, buckles, straps, and much more. Matching the varied sculpt is a fantastic paint job capturing the one of a kind look; burnished purple and gold armor plates cover bluish gray clothing and are decorated with silvers, blues, and white. Yoshimitsu also has an enormous circular device behind his head and two detailed scabbards, one mounted on his back and the other at his hip. Sculpted by Japanese master artist Takayuki Takeya, Yoshimitsu stands nearly 14 inches tall (1/6 scale) atop the giant head for an overall height of over 21 ? inches! That mechanoid also shows off an incredible sculpt with severe battle damage and gory organic and technological innards spilling out onto the battlefield. Don't miss this one of a kind fine art statue that's sure to be a centerpiece in your collection!

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