Sword of Inigo Montoya 1:1 scale replica

Sword of Inigo Montoya 1:1 scale replica by Factory Entertainment

Few swords have the mystique and appeal of the beautiful rapier wielded by Inigo Montoya in "THe Princess Bride". As The Man in Black sosuccintly puts it when shown the sword, "I have never seen its equal." Originally created for a mysterious six-fingered man by Montoya's father, and the cause of his murder, the sword becomes a physical symbol of Inigo's lifelong quest to avenge his departed forebear. Featuring a swept basket style hilt in gold over brass with gemstones and 'tableau' engraved decoration, the 'renaissance'-style rapier also features a mock ivory handle and gold pommel. Thanks to the kind folks at Princess Bride Ltd, Factory Entertainment was given unrestricted access to the Princess Bride archives. We were lucky enough to find the original Inigo Montoya sword used to dispatch Count Rugen, this six-fingered man, in the film's epic climactic duel scenes and the only known remaining Inigo sword prop in existence. Every aspect of this original prop has been carefully examined, measured and studied to ensure maximum authenticity and accuracy in the replica which will be a strictly numbered limited edition.

Sword of Inigo Montoya 1:1 scale replica by Factory Entertainment. Secure your limited edition item by ordering today.
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