Star Wars Sandtrooper Sergeant Artfx+ Statue
Star Wars Sandtrooper Sergeant Artfx is an Urban Collector pre-order+ Statue. A KOTOBUKIYA JAPANESE IMPORT! A sandtrooper, or desert trooper, was an Imperial stormtrooper equipped with a modified armor and equipment to withstand the harsh climates of desert planets like Tatooine. They were nearly identical to standard stormtroopers except they had additional training in specialized areas and advanced cooling systems in both their helmets and suits that offered them protection from the relentless heat. Visual differences in armor included a distinctivediamond-shaped left knee plate, non-ribbed chest and back plate connectors as well as reinforced abdominal plating. It was typicalfor non-commissioned officers (white and orange pauldrons) andabove to remove the 'drop boxes' on the waist. All desert sandtroopers carried E-11 blaster rifles, DLT-19 heavyblaster rifles, T-21 light repeating blasters, or RT-97C heavy blaster rifles, long-range comlinks, food, and water packs. Sandtroopers wore colored pauldrons as a designation of rank. Kotobukiya presents the Sandtrooper ARTFX+ snap-together figure kit, as chosen by the fan poll at Star Wars Celebration VI. The Sandtrooper features an all-new sculpt with subtle differences from the previously release Stormtrooper 2 packs, as well as new weapons and equipment. The Sandtrooper Sergeant comes with a white shoulder pauldron to differentiate him from the rest of his troops. Features magnets embedded in the feet for extra stability on the included base. Display alone or along with other ARTFX+ 1/10th scale Star Wars statues from Kotobukiya.

Star Wars Sandtrooper Sergeant Artfx+ Statue. Secure your new item ordering today.
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