Portal Weighted Companion Cube Soft Tote Bag Lunch Box

Portal Companion Cube Lunch Tote

Portal Companion Cube Lunch Tote. Carry your lunch in this tote that looks like the Companion Cube out of the best-selling game Portal! This tote features insulation, a custom zipper pull, and a handle. Portal 2 Companion Cube Lunch Tote Bag. The Portal Companion Cube Lunch Tote understands that you don't need much protecting in the real world; there aren't any turrets, giant red buttons that need pressing, or trans-dimensional falls to be shielded from. So, he's there to guard your lunch from squishing, squashing, and even the dreadfully frightening squooshing. This soft-sided lunch tote provides an adorable place to keep your foods safe and fresh. It's apparent, at the end, that Companion Cube survived the incinerator so it could be at your party, but again, even if there's raw chicken that needs cooking, do not -- we repeat, do not! -- throw it in the incinerator.

Portal Companion Cube Lunch Tote . Secure your limited edition item by ordering today.
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