The One Ring replica costume jewelry
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The One Ring replica costume jewelry

JRR Tolkien’s masterpiece The Lord of the Rings and its predecessor, The Hobbit are worldwide phenomenon as novels. Peter Jackson is now finishing the cinematic reality of these Pulitzer Prize winning epics with 3 movies for each series. With themes of family, friendship, good versus evil, the power of “the smallest person to make a difference”; these stories are timeless and favorites of many Science Fiction fans and many more. The One Ring to rule them all runs throughout the series as an important symbol of power, greed and destruction. Forged in the fires of Mount Doom by Sauron himself, this ring was meant to make the wearer supreme over all living things in Middle Earth. After defeating Sauron, Isealdor took the One Ring, but it betrayed him and fell into the hands of Gollum. The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings follow the journey of the One Ring and its constantly changing ownership and ultimate quest to destroy it. This version of the One Ring will not give you such power, but it is a great costume replica with a shiny golden colored coating and engraved with the Elvish script “one ring to rule them all”. These rings are now out of print, but Urban Collector has the last remaining inventory. Ring size is approximately mens 7.5, but is not meant to be worn on the finger.

The One Ring replica costume jewelry. Secure your new item by ordering today at Urban Collector.

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