Marvel Thing Fantastic Four by Toy Biz

Thing Fantastic Four

For those unfamiliar with the comics, the Fantastic Four are Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic), his best friend Ben Grimm (The Thing), wife Sue Richards (The Invisible Woman) and her brother Johnny Storm (The Human Torch). The four do more adventuring and exploring than planet-saving, but have some fabulous technology and swanky offices at the Baxter Building in New York.

Marvel Thing from Fantastic Four by Toy Biz - Character Description

The Thing (Ben Grimm), their grumpy friend with a heart of gold, who possesses superhuman strength and endurance, his skin is monstrous, craggy, orange, and looks as if made of scales or plates (often mistakenly referred to as "rocks"). Known for his great courage and fighting skill in addition to his strength, as evidenced by his battle against the Champion of the Universe.
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