Living Dead Dolls Series 15 VARIANT set

Living Dead Dolls Series 15 variants

These sweetly twisted, irresistible dead dolls from beyond by creators Ed Long and Damien Glonek keep you dying for more! Living Dead Dolls Series 15 includes Death, the dastardly reaper with his scythe; Bathory, the bloodthirsty countess; and their friends Judas, Flamingo, and Gypsy. Collect all five dolls to gather the pieces and build the 'talking board' accessory. Each doll is packed carefully exhumed in its own coffin with a unique death certificate. They've passed away, now it's time to play! This VARIANT set includes all 5 variations, Judas with Black sweater, Flamingo with pink dress, Bathory with different dress and no blood, Gypsy with a burgundy dress and Death with a red robe. The variant set is Limited to only 666. Living Dead Dolls Series 15 variant. Secure your limited edition item by ordering today.
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