Classic Herbie 7 Inch Vinyl Figure Brown Pants Version from Dark Horse Comics

Herbie 7 Inch Vinyl Figure

Herbie 7 Inch Vinyl Figure. HERBIE VINYL FIGURE Like a colossus, Herbie stands at a bewildering crossroads of pop culture and history. Whether he is hobnobbing with JFK on matters of national security or melting the hearts of the great beauties of the age (who can blame them for going weak in the knees?), the little fat kid with a lollipop has the bull by the horns, the tiger by the tail, and the elbow by the . . . Well, you get the idea! Sculpted by Tim Bruckner our 7 inch limited-edition vinyl figure is sure to be considered when the roll call of greats is read. Limited Edition of 300 with Brown Pants.

Herbie 7 Inch Vinyl Figure. Secure your new item by ordering today.
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