Gentle Giant Marvel Zombie Mysterio Mini-Bust
Gentle Giant Marvel Zombie Mysterio Mini-Bust at Urban Collector. A Gentle Giant Release! Several characters have donned the Mysterio costume to plague Spider-Man in the character's long history. None, however, have been as grotesque as the Mysterio that appeared in the Marvel Zombies universe! In the Marvel Zombies series, the world has been infected by a virus that turns the living into rolling corpses who retain their intelligence and abilities. This incarnation of Mysterio has been digitially sculpted by the master artisans of Gentle Giant. This Marvel Zombies Mysterio Mini-Bust features the zombified master of illusion with his greatest asset exposed, his brain! With cracked dome, bloody gray matter, and entrails spilling out, this horrifying creature no longer needs parlor tricks to frighten his foes.

Gentle Giant Marvel Zombie Mysterio Mini-Bust. Secure your new item by ordering today.
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