Galadriel Lady of Light LOTR Lord of the Rings Tonner Doll

Galadriel Lady of Light LOTR Tonner Doll

Cate Blanchett Head Sculpt w/ 16" Tyler BW Body; Blue Eyes and Cameo Skintone Alongside her husband LORD CELEBORN, LADY GALADRIEL welcomes the fellowship to the mystical woods of LOTHLÓRIEN. Featuring an incredible likeness of Cate Blanchett, GALADRIEL, LADY OF LIGHT arrives swathed in a flowing chiffon gown with custom embroidery and pearlescent brooch, pantyhose, shimmering lace-up metallic boots, and meticulously crafted silver and gold crown. Includes display stand. Limited Edition of 1500.

Galadriel Lady of Light LOTR Tonner Doll. Secure your limited edition item by ordering today.
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