Fist Of The North Star Rei Mini Bust
Fist Of The North Star Rei Mini Busy. Imported from Japan! From the classic post-apocalyptic manga/anime series Fist of the North Star (Hokuto no Ken) comes two all-new resin mini-busts of the martial arts warrios Juda and Rei! The flamboyant Juda (a.k.a. Yuda) was not a good person, with a resume filled with betrayals, kidnappings, and murder. He later battled Rei, who sought to avenge his beloved Mamiya, a strong and beautiful warrior woman who was taken by Juda and forced to watch as he murdered her parents. Needless to say, Rei, whose style Juda always envied, ultimately defeated the villain. Each mini-bust comes fully painted and ready to display. Fist Of The North Star Rei Mini Bust is available now.
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