Doctor Who Bow Ties are Cool mens t-shirt Navy

Doctor Who Bow Ties are Cool men's t-shirt

Doctor Who is one of the most enduring Science Fiction shows ever made. First airing in the 1960s, the BBC has made it a mainstay and America is now discovering what the Brits have known all along-that the Doctor is awesome! Wearing his classic and currently oh so trendy bow tie, the Doctor has adventures in too many places (and times) to keep count. Using the Tardis, his sentient time-traveling space vessel, the Doctor is able to face foes from many times and places. The 11th and most current Doctor Who, portrayed by Matt Smith, is one of the most popular ever. The Time Lords continue to regenerate the Doctor in new bodies and the audience seems to love each one more than the last. Bow Ties are Cool is just another way to show who your favorite Doctor Who is. Made of 100% cotton in navy blue, this mens sized t-shirt comes in sizes small-xxl. Urban Collector has a huge selection of other Doctor Who shirts, but this is currently our best seller. So Bow Ties are Cool shirts for all!

Doctor Who Bow Ties are Cool mens t-shirt. Reserve this classic t-shirt by ordering today.
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