Disney Animated Ladies Ariel Statue Electric Tiki

Disney Animated Ladies Ariel Statue

Disney Animated Ladies Ariel Statue. Electric Tiki Design presents the latest in its line dedicated to animation's leading ladies. The third in the series features the star of 1989's The Little Mermaid. Featuring a strong story, great characters, and memorable songs, The Little Mermaid became an animated classic. Electric Tiki's Animated Ladies Ariel statue features a beautifully-designed metallic black base featuring 5 oval display areas. The primary display features the film's logo, while the other 4 feature model sheet character drawings. Ariel is featured, splashing out of a deco-inspired base, complete with translucent water paint effects. This cold-cast resin statue stands roughly 10 inches tall. Sculpted by Chuck Williams, with a base sculpted by Brandon Parcinski, each is hand-numbered, hand-painted, and ready to display.

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