Buck Rogers 1/6 Scale Figure Red Deluxe by Go Hero

Buck Rogers 1/6 Scale Figure Red Deluxe

Before Flash Gordon, Superman, or Star Wars, there was one hero among the stars that would define pop culture, science, and the comic book hero. In 1928, Buck Rogers blasted off in the pages of John F. Dille's National Newspaper Service syndicate. Of the many eras and derivatives of Buck Rogers, never before have these amazing designs been captured in an authentic 1:6-scale figure! Buck Rogers is equipped to defend the Earth with a removable Flight Helmet with die-cast features, a die-cast Atomic Disintegrator with translucent chamber, Jet Pack with electronic LEDs, a hand-crafted wooden box, a tailored cloth outfit, gauntlet glove hands, a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, die-cast visor, vest, space helmet, and Go Hero's ATOM-EDIA Body that contains sound clips from the original Buck Rogers radio show! Limited to 1,000 pieces, Buck Rogers is the original sci-fi comic hero!

Buck Rogers 1/6 Scale Figure Red Deluxe. Secure your limited edition item by ordering today.
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