ARC-170 Starfighter | Star Wars Titanium Series
ARC-170 Starfighter | Star Wars Titanium Series The workhorse of the Republic navy, the ARC-170 is one of the most widely developed fighter craft of the Clone Wars. Fast and well-armed enough to take on multiple Trade Federation fighter craft, but heavily-armored enough to deliver ordinance against enemy capital ships, this fighter is an ideal all-purpose war machine. In addition to formidable offensive capabilities, the ARC-170 is outfitted with a highly advanced long-range sensor suite and a substantial hyperspace drive, making it as valuable a reconnaissance platform as it is an assault fighter. As many battles are won by the Republic due to the information delivered by a single ARC-170 serving as advance scout as by ten squadrons of starfighters annihilating Separatist forces. Take to battle with this highly detailed and totally cool collectible! Made of die-cast metal, the ARC-170 Starfighter vehicle replica is ideal for play or display. With its opening cockpit and display stand, itÂ’s ready to take its rightful place in your Star Wars collection! Secure your ARC-170 Starfighter | Star Wars Titanium Series by ordering today.
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